Geothermal News for Defiance

If you're tired of your old furnace not running efficiently and being a drain on your bank account, consider purchasing a geothermal system from us, Defiance's trusted geothermal installers.
With all the advantages of geothermal heating and cooling, how could switching be made even sweeter? How about a 30% return of the cost you spent to install your geothermal system courtesy of a geothermal tax credit!
Now that you have been familiarized with how geothermal works in the first part of our series, its time to take a look at the machinery and how it creates the heat for your home or business.
Part one in a five part series, this article breaks down the basics of geothermal heating and cooling systems and their efficiencies for Defiance.
Defiance residents are going green with geothermal heating and cooling systems. Join the homeowners who are saving each month on their utilities.
Designing and building your ideal Defiance home is part of the American Dream. One part can be easily taken for granted; the heating and cooling system. Why not start with the most efficient and lowest operating costs of a geothermal system.
Do newer technologies like geothermal heat pump and solar water heaters make sense to Defiance residents? The article focuses on the benefits of the geothermal heat pump add-on; the desuperheater.
An environmentally friendly, affordable choice is a Defiance geothermal heating and cooling system. In addition to reducing your dependence on fossil fuel fed temperature control, the comfort provided by your geothermal heating and cooling solution ranks highest among the alternatives available.
Being an inquisitive Defiance resident you have heard of geothermal heat pumps, but may not understand how they work. This article will give a brief overview on the inner workings of a geothermal heat pump.
When installing a geothermal heat pump system in your existing Defiance home, you may have a few concerns. This article will present some common questions we have heard and their answers.
Tired of Skyrocketing Fossil Fuel Prices? Explore the untapped geothermal potential that the Earth can provide Defiance residents.
The earth loop transfers heat to and from the groundeliminating the need for fossil fuels. Its the heart of a geothermal system, and its biggest advantage over ordinary heating and cooling technologies.